Knowledge! Power! The sharing of desks!

After two full weeks as a bona fide graduate student, I can confidently say I’ve learned everything there is to know about this whole grad school thing. Here are just a few tidbits of wisdom for ya:

  1. Time and effort are not the same thing.
  2. A proper academic book review is supposed to include a summary of the book, not just critique. Anything less is “not adequate” (whoops).
  3. Teaching is something I might someday learn to enjoy. I hope. I’ll reserve judgment on that one.
  4. Knowing lots of random historical facts is not actually that important.
  5. Pennsylvania is hellishly humid. But there’s an abundance of good produce. So it almost evens out.
  6. Books should be thoroughly skimmed, not read. My advisor told me this, and everyone else seems to agree.
  7. Long-long-distance relationships: not for the faint of heart, and generally kind of a bummer. But totally worth it.
  8. History is actually still a rather male-dominated field, especially here.
  9. Being a grad student does feel slightly more bad-ass than being an undergrad. So that’s a plus, I guess.

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