Israel: Some Photos and Jumbled Thoughts

Hey there, blog! Earlier this summer, I went on what might be one of the most awesome trips ever: 10 days in Israel, for free, with a ton of cool people who are now my friends. Oh, and I rode a camel (no big deal). In case you haven’t guessed, this was indeed the famed Taglit-Birthright Israel, the free trip for Jewish kids to visit the homeland, eat falafel, and hang out with other Jews. It was great, and gave me a way to connect with my family/cultural history in a way that I hadn’t previously. (Also, it temporarily shook me out of the post-college/job-I-despise/what-am-I-doing-with-my-life slump, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The other day my brother and I were joking that while many of my Facebook friends are posting about the BDS movement and Palestinian recognition, I was posting what amounted to, “wheee! I’m on a camel in the desert this is AWESOME!” Which made me feel like a bit of an asshole.

See: Exhibit A.

The thing is, I still haven’t sorted out my feelings about the whole thing. I admit to being relatively uneducated regarding the nuances of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and spending 10 days there and learning a bit more made me realize just how unqualified I am to make any claims about who is right, what should be done, etc. I’d need quite a few years of intense study to be able to say anything meaningful regarding that.

So instead, here are some pictures I took (see my Flickr for a few more, which I am scanning/posting rather slowly):

See, this counts as a place where I felt conflicted. The wealth divisions in Jerusalem are really stark, and the East/Palestinian side definitely looks not-so-pleasant.
View of East Jerusalem
The Kottel, Jerusalem
I didn’t take this one. It’s a picture of me. In Jerusalem.

That’s all I have for right now. I accidentally took a not-insignificant break from this blogging thing, but I’m going to try to do better. Really.


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